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As of June 2021, we are searching for our next studio assistant/apprentice for our pottery studio! We are extremely excited to begin the search for an aspiring potter whom is hard working and wanting to take their career in clay seriously. 

How it Works

We are aiming for a long term commitment if it works for both us and the apprentice and all is going good from both sides. You would see the ins and outs of running a pottery business: prepping clay for work, mixing glazes, glazing and finishing the pots, all the way to marketing and selling work. I believe we have a lot to offer the right person who is willing to put their head down and learn. 

We would provide a small stipend weekly (another part time job you, a studio space for the apprentice to make their own work, and offer access to our materials, but are fairly strict about which glazes we allow the apprentice to use on which clay bodies so that more learning can take place and truly be more helpful than copying what we are doing already - we want to help them develop their own body of work. I make two distinct lines of work, a traditional glazed tableware all fired in an electric kiln and wood firing. We currently are firing the wood kiln twice a year, but that could increase if the apprentice is heavily interested in firing the wood kiln. 

Depending on what level of skill an apprentice brings with them (which we ask for at least one year, preferably more) will dictate how much of the reigns we let had; which could include helping us make some of the standard production tableware lines we make. 

Who Should Apply

We are looking for extremely hard working individuals. This is a physically demanding position and only for someone who is serious about potentially choosing a career in clay. Usually, when someone is looking for someone to learn from, they choose a potter of whom they like their work and style of pottery. For instance, my strength are not in delicate porcelain work with crystalline glazes...well we probably would be the wrong choice; as we are more suited to high production throwing skills and working in large batches of much the same pot etc. So it works better for both parties if their aspirations are somewhat similar to how we are structured!

Please reach out and start the conversation and drop us a note under our contact tab with your included resume and bio. Include any questions you might have and we will do our best to get back to you ASAP.