Hey Everyone! Our physical retail store is Closed, yet we are still fulfilling online orders daily!

Shipping and Returns

Estimated Shipping Time

Being that your order is handmade, please give us 10-12 days to make, fire, package, and send your items to you.

Larger orders will naturally take more time, and once your order has been placed we will contact you with an estimated ship date (usually 4 weeks). 

Returns & Customer Satisfaction

We want to make sure that you get what you are ordered free of any damage or defects. Returns will be handled case-by-case, and we can figure out the best way to get you what you are looking for - so send us a note on the "contact" page or directly to joe@joesinkpottery.com and tell us if you arn't satisfied!

If anything in your order shows up broken, then we are glad to replace them free of charge to you. We do however need you to let us know ASAP, there is a specific time window that allows us to notify the shipping company of the damage. Again, send us a note  to joe@joesinkpottery.com and we will be glad to handle any issues regarding damage.