We are back in the workshop making pots! Thank you all for a great 2023

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“We are committed to creating pottery that is of the highest craftsmanship, and every piece is designed with form and function in mind.”

– Joe Sink

Hi There. Welcome To My Studio.

My name is Joe Sink and creating thoughtful and intentional pottery is what I do. I believe I have one of the most fun and exciting jobs in the world. I can't wait to share these beautiful stoneware pieces with you.

Where It Began

I began making pottery in the mountains of North Carolina while I studied Building Sciences at Appalachian State University. My curiosity for the craft has not stopped growing since 2014, and everyday I am learning useful and interesting techniques and methods to accomplish my work with the highest craftsmanship.

Made By Hand

Years of working with different clays, forms, processes has led to the work I make now. I started making pottery in 2013 and every year that goes by, forms come and go, processes change or are put on hold while I explore what is interesting at the time to me.

All the while I try to maintain a steady, unchanging line of work for our functional tableware, providing people with a truly handmade option to stock their kitchen with. I love the clay I use now that gives our work a speckled surface without muddling the beautiful glazes.

From Form To Function

I love simple forms, which are most of the time hard to throw, making the challenge one I like to take on each day. When you add lots of curves, frills, and lines you can hide a lot. But in my more modern work I like to keep things simple. I look at a lot of other pots people are making, pots from the past that don't seem to go away, and then try and synthesize that and see what has staying power. I also take a lot of feedback from my customers, I like to see what goes quickly and what stays around longer - at the end of the day, if I can't sell the pots I cant make the next ones.