We are back in the workshop making pots! Thank you all for a great 2023

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I am committed to creating pottery that is of the highest craftsmanship, and I design every piece with form and function in mind.

My name is Joe Sink. I love creating something from nothing, and working with clay gives me the chance to do just that. Creating thoughtful and useful pottery is what I do, and I believe I have one of the most fun and exciting jobs in the world!  

I began making pottery in the mountains of North Carolina while I studied Building Sciences at Appalachian State University. My curiosity for the craft has not stopped growing since 2014, and everyday I am learning useful and interesting techniques and methods to accomplish my work with the highest craftsmanship. I want to make the best pottery I am capable of making, and I want you to enjoy it! 

Every piece is handcrafted by my hands, and all of the sweat, knowledge, and effort I have to give is worked into it.